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Summer holiday? The French Mediterranean sun!

  • Tourists are welcome in France again from 15 June. This must be coordinated between the individual European countries. France wants free movement of persons between European countries. If a country is giving restrictions for French visitors (quarantine?), then France will have the same restrictions on visitors from that country.  More will be announced next week.
  • From the 2nd of June, the French will also be able to travel "freely" within France. The 100 kilometer travel limit from the place of residence is no longer there.
  • Restaurants, bars, cafes will open again. For all activities "outside", such as the terraces, there is the "1 meter distance rule". The number of guests is not limited. A maximum of 10 guests per table. Distance between the tables is 1 meter.
  • The biggest and most difficult decision for the government are the large outdoor (sports) events. Up to 5000 people are mentioned. Responsibility for "1 meter distance" lies with the organizers. Paid football competition in large stadiums with more than 5000 spectators is not yet possible.


Probably a new decreasing of the measures is expected on the 22th of June.


All less important to Chateau de Blomac. Summer has started, so also much outdoor activity without too many rules. Simply wash your hands, keep your distance, cough in the elbow …….